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Introducing the eDocket System!

Your Company's one stop record keeping system... It's time to get rid of all that cluttering paperwork!

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Know exactly what is happening every step of the way! Both parties will be notified on pickup and delivery, giving peace of mind to all.


This system is more convenient for your company and your customers, rather than having to manually fill out a docket for every visit, simply click a few buttons and be on your way. It is a massive time saver for both parties! Giving you more time to get more jobs done and focus on what is more important.... Building your business!


We have made this product easily accessible and affordable for all users. Invest in a system that will save you time and money in the long run!

What are eDockets?

Most courier companies use a paper form to record business transactions, fill out how much money, stock, inventory or whatever you are transporting and who has ownership of it at the time.

The docket book was an old system where you would hand write the serial number, tracking number or consignment number, indicate the quantity you are carrying, and calculate the total amount so the recipient has a record of delivery. Then, the courier and the customer would sign it. 

Once the consignment was delivered, the docket would be signed for. This piece of paper was then posted back to the Head Office, or just sat in the courier's folder until required. Sometimes offices would require a copy, this would be scanned and emailed back to you. 

The eDocket system is designed to meet everyone's needs with just a simple click of a button. Everything you need to do with a paper docket before has been converted into a digital format. No more time-consuming paper forms to fill out. No more wasted work hours spent on looking for documents that may have been lost or misfiled.

Using our eDocket app, you can have access to your consignment information from everywhere. Several users can view documents at the same time if needed, which improves productivity. Cloud-based files are easy to access, manage, and store. It's as easy as using the internet instead of going to a library to search for information.

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How Simple Is It?

It's as easy as - Scan - Sign - Drop Off.

Did We Mention Our Online Services Portal Yet?

We have also made an online portal for your customers to let you know what they need!

The portal is your customer's one stop for booking collections, cancelling collections and ordering stock. They can even log in and check if their courier is authorised to do their collection! A Head Office is able to monitor and look after their locations anywhere in the world. Each user can be customised for how much they can see and how much they can do, so while the head office can see and do everything a store manager can only see their store and order additional stock on their collection or delivery day.... No more stressing if Fred is allowed to do that!

You as a business can also use this as a complete database with all locations and contacts listed at the tip of your fingers!

What are some of the other benefits?

Paper-based processes are time-consuming and costly, not to mention the unnecessary waste of paper. Our eDocket is a paperless system, which is one way to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a 'greener' solution.

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Start moving forward today.

We've developed a complete user friendly operating system for couriers to use out on the road in their day to day jobs. Being an app this system will constantly be improved, developed and forever evolving, making sure it stays relevant for your industry!  

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